Understand your Perfect Day

We'll dive deep into my "WHYs". Our dreams are often materialistic or circumstantial. However, discovering the true meaning behind our desires may let us tap into our happiness before we ever reach its worldly manifestations.

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I will use the following pattern:

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This section will analyze the true meaning behind the key idea highlighted above. I will use a simple technique that consists of asking 'Why' over and over again until I feel like having reached a truthful and honest conclusion.
Here I will find out if I can immediately include this desire into my life. Do I really have to wait for a distant future?

As I slowly open my eyes, I see the eagle on my nightstand. She must have forgotten her earring when she left early at dawn. What a night! I love it! She can pick up her jewelry when she visits me next weekend.

This paragraph addresses a desire for a specific type of relationship in my life.

Why do I feel like praising the night?
Like every human being, I cannot deny the need for intimacy. I want it to be present in my life and I want it to be satisfying to the point that I rave about it.
All I need to do is find a partner that shares the same relationship ideas I have. This is in itself not an easy task, but it becomes impossible if we never really ask ourselves what we yearn for. In the past, I chose to enter into relationships without discussing them in the first place. I assumed that intimacy just falls into place. The reality is that there are numerous flavors, drives, desires, and needs when it comes to relationship styles. Therefore, thinking and talking about my expectations beforehand is just as important as other topics that are more readily addressed (e.g. marriage, children, location, status, travel, faith, etc).

Why do I want her to visit next weekend?
This statement describes my wish for a relationship that allows for a lot of space.

Why do I need a lot of space in my life?
For the past 20 years of my life, I have been in committed, normative relationships. I have always aimed at living together with my partner and spending as much time as possible with her. It turns out that I am a very unusual individual when it comes to how I want to spend my time. The existence of this very email should make that evident. I find my happiness and satisfaction by living my perfect day. Have you noticed that there is little time in it for a partner, for children, for doing things that couples do? It may be hard for you to understand, but this solitary lifestyle is bringing me lots of happiness and fulfillment. That is ok. I have to accept and love myself the way I am, and not the way society thinks I should be.
Believe it or not, there are people out there who have the same desires as you have. I will freely admit that in my case it is very rare to find a woman who has the same relationship goals. After all, they are very much in conflict with the current societal norm. But that has to be ok with me. In the end, it's all a matter of patience. And we all owe patience to ourselves.

I can't wait to tackle my many daily tasks. Working never gets old to me. I know how many people I inspire every day, and I wouldn't want to miss that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I am so grateful to be able to combine helping people while making a seven-figure income. Honestly, I donate most of my money to animal shelters and orphanages. The rest goes towards paying for my mom's expenses. I am so grateful for everything she has given me, and I am proud I can grant her any wish in return.

This paragraph addresses my work and how it impacts the world. It also touches on my biggest WHY, and on my financial desires.

Why do I want to inspire people every day?
I see a purpose in life when I can have a positive impact on others. I was gifted with great communication skills, discipline, a smart mind, and a good heart. Knowing that I help others makes me happy.
I don't have to wait for this dream to come true. It already is a reality. Each time someone responds to an email stating that I have helped them, my heart is happy. I can, however, grow my audience which is only a matter of time. You can help me by recommending my work to others.

Why do I want to make a seven-figure income?
Money is just a form of energy which we can turn into good or bad things. If we have lots of energy, we can change more in this world. I am not afraid of money. It is how the western world has chosen to operate. I will embrace the reality and work with it to the best of my abilities.
I currently make a six-figure income with my work. I am offering web development services and online marketing advice and execution. I have been self-employed for 5 years. The way to seven-figures is extremely long. However, I don't see why I can't reach it. I will continue to give my best, and I will work on simplification and automation. I will keep investing in assets and spend money conservatively.

Why do I want to donate to animal shelters and orphanages?
I have a weak spot in my heart for the innocents who suffer. Animals and children are at the mercy of our society.
I don't have to wait for this dream to come true. I am already donating on a regular basis. As I become wealthier, I will increase my donations.

Why do I want to grant any wish to my mother?
Good mothers are loving and selfless. My mom is such a good person. I wouldn't be here without her. I know that she struggled a lot raising me as a single parent. She always put me first and herself last. It's what mothers do. Me leaving Europe was very tough for her, and yet she worked hard on herself to overcome her maternal feelings of attachment and let me go my way.
Making enough money will allow me to grant her any wish once it is time to put her first. This requires financial planning. I work hand in hand with a financial advisor to be prepared for the upcoming expenses. Don't turn a blind eye on that. Talk to your financial advisor today. If you don't have one, look for one. There are many good people out there who want to help. I can recommend a few good ones in the San Antonio area in case you need a referral.
Also, read MONEY by Tony Robbins.

As my Italian espresso machine hums away, I gaze into the Texan Hill Country. Coffee is my only vice. I have never touched a cigarette and rarely drink alcohol - at most a glass of cabernet with an excellent vegan meal. During the week I live in San Antonio, but on weekends I like to relax at my ranch. I need a ranch because I provide a home for rescued animals which nobody else wants. The drive to San Antonio isn't bad. Actually, it's a lot of fun steering Tesla's Model X through the natural beauty of Texas.

This paragraph addresses where I live and talks about my diet.

Why do I want to live in Texas?
To understand this passion we have to go back to my childhood during which I was fascinated by what I saw about the ‪USA in European media. It was dominated and heavily influenced by US culture. From movies and TV shows to music, food and clothing styles – everything was somehow related to the US. Also, let’s not forget that I was raised by the first and second generation after WWII – people that felt a deep respect and gratitude towards the ‪American‬ liberators. So one can truly say that I was in love with the USA before ever experiencing it! I remember shedding tears of joy whenever I got a hold of a vacation video that was shot in the land of my dreams. But I wanted to find out for myself and I begged my mother for months to let me discover America on my own. It was important for me to do that alone because I knew that it was a very personal journey. My mom knew a friend living in ‪Houston‬, Texas and I was allowed to stay with her during the summer of 1998.

The moment I set foot on American ground I felt at home. There was nothing rational about it, only a feeling of belonging somewhere that I had never felt before. Texas just felt like home, and I was hooked from that moment on. In Houston, I volunteered at the Post Oak YMCA in the mornings, and I discovered the city on a bike in the afternoons. The Texan vastness, climate, diversity, nature, and hospitality blew my mind away. I was in heaven.

It was on a weekend when my host took me for a visit to San Antonio. It is hard to describe what I felt when I first saw The ‪Alamo‬. It was just mind-blowing. The emotions that emerged in San Antonio topped those that I felt when I had just landed. It was in August 1998 when I promised myself that I would once live in that place. I just knew it – felt it in my heart.

Needless to state that I have realized that dream of mine - and it's a big one!

Why am I vegan, and why do I follow a healthy lifestyle?
On an unfortunate morning in the year 2004, I woke up with an ugly pain in my lower back. It turned out that I suffered from a chronic disease called ankylosing spondylitis. This disease causes constant inflammation along the spine which causes the vertebrates to fuse together over time. Eventually, this leads to paralysis. Western medicine categorizes the ailment as an incurable disease. The treatment consists of strong drugs that only cover up symptoms while destroying your immune system. They also come with a multitude of ugly side effects. I was not willing to accept that and started experimenting with diet. The movie Forks Over Knives must have been the first documentary that taught me about the health benefits of a vegan diet. Over time, the vegan lifestyle not only healed me, but it also reversed existing damage on my hip-joints and spine.
Over time, I also learned about the other positive impacts a vegan lifestyle has on animals, the environment, and the world in general. It also opened up my heart to compassion and love.
Nowadays there is no other way I could imagine living.

Why do I rarely drink, and why do I not smoke anything?
Besides it being detrimental to my health, these activities make me lose control over my mind and body.

Why do I not want to lose control over my mind and body?
This is a difficult question. I think that I am afraid of being taken advantage of by life and people if I were to lose control. I am not sure where this fear comes from, neither am I sure if I should even aim to lose that fear. It appears to me that being in control is the way of owning and mastering what happens in your life. This is what I want. I want to be the creator of my own destiny. I don't want to find excuses or blame someone else for my shortcomings.

I already practice a lot of disciple in many areas of my life. Physical discipline by working out practically every day, mentally by being a voracious reader, learner and content creator. I believe there is much more I can do. I will never arrive at my final destination in that regard as there is always room for growth. My latest challenge is to start getting up at 4:30 am every day. This video explains why.

Why do I want a Tesla?
Because it's fun and Teslas are vegan :) Yes, I know the batteries are bad for the environment. Therefore I will drive my current car until it needs to be replaced.

When it comes to cars, I have to keep reminding myself that it's really just a car and that it is better for the environment and my wallet to keep driving my current car. Interestingly this is a constant internal struggle. It is a desire that I keep fighting until the day comes where my fiances and the state of my existing car justify the move. I have owned more cars that I am proud to admit. In my early adulthood, I changed them like underwear. It's a terrible waste of money, and after the initial excitement, every car turns into just another means of transportation.

But now it's time for some reading. As I listen to the sound of the river flowing through my property, my eyes scan pages full of wisdom. Reading always gives me ideas for my books and articles. Leaving a legacy of hope and knowledge matters to me.
I am fully aware that my muscles are as crucial as my brain. Bodybuilding has been a part of my health journey for more than half of my life now. My state-of-the-art home gym makes it easy to be consistent and always push my limits in a self-loving way. As long as I keep seeing that six-pack!

Why do I like reading?
Reading good books is like taking shortcuts in life. The process of writing is not an easy one. Therefore, I know that if someone goes through the trouble of writing a book or an email, there is likely an important message to be learned. I am already reading as much as I can. I am currently reading: Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business 
Knowledge by itself does no good. It needs to translate into action. I want to live by example and I can do so by building up a body of knowledge that motivates others and myself. Writing these emails is a lot of work and I will have to keep being committed and disciplined to keep doing what I started.

Why do I like Bodybuilding?
A strong body represents my values. It requires hard work, dedication, and discipline to sculpt an athletic body. Seeing a six-pack is the culmination of an athletic body as it generally only shows when one has reached a pretty low body fat percentage.
About a year ago I started a vegan fitness program. It consists of daily workouts and meal plans and is organized into 8-week challenges. The next round should start in about 3 weeks. Maybe some of you will join me? My six-pack is hardly visible, but rest assured that you will be the first group of people to see it once I have reached that goal.
Ultimately, being on the journey is what matters. Staying consistent is key. I am already showing great discipline and motivation and I promise you that I will not veer off.

As so often, Jacoby my dog interrupts me by gently pushing my hand away from the book. He thinks it's time for his morning walk. I am so lucky I have him. I enjoy his company. I enjoy solitude for most of the week, but his presence is always welcome. This afternoon, after my yoga practice, I will head to the botanical garden. I take full advantage of my unlimited visits, a privilege reserved for members. The beautiful flora and fauna always help me prepare my speeches in my mind. I have several speaking engagements per month. People like to listen to my journey which brought me from being a young kid full of dreams living in Luxembourg to a Ph.D. holder living his Texan dream.

Why do I enjoy solitude?
I have learned that I can be happy by myself. It's a very liberating experience. Solitude is what gives my mind the power to do everything I demand from myself.
There is a difference between solitude and loneliness. Solitude is a choice, loneliness is not. Solitude edifies, loneliness destroys and hurts. I am not lonely by any means. I am connected to y'all and I have amazing people in my life. Socializing comes easily to me and I get to choose when to do that. I have met a good amount of my readers in person, and chances are that you and I share something very personal.

Why do I like Yoga?
Yoga requires a higher degree of consciousness than bodybuilding. It's the ultimate mastery of body and mind. Furthermore, it compliments bodybuilding perfectly and leads to better performance and faster recuperation.
While I was practicing Yoga twice a week, it has recently fallen off my schedule due to time constraints. Me getting up at 4:30 am in the future should help with that. I really want and need it back in my life.

Why do I want several speaking engagements per month?
I enjoy public speaking. It's another form of knowledge transfer. It requires me to be very knowledgeable in my chosen topics.
I am already speaking occasionally in front of groups, but I want more consistency. I am in the process of founding a Toastmasters International Club within the Texas Tri-County Chamber of Commerce where I serve on the board. That will most certainly help to reach my goal. Rest assured that my speeches will contain personal development topics. I will happily share them with you in the future.

Why do I want to earn a Ph.D.?
I would do that for me as a lover of knowledge. It's just a form of societal approbation.
I have no detailed plans right now that would lead to earning such a degree. However, I am putting it out there and will let the universe react to it.:)

Now it's your turn.

You have learned so much about me by now. I have chosen to give you deep insight into my goals and desires.

I cannot stress often enough that this my version of happiness and motivation. Yours will likely be very different, maybe even the exact opposite.

The point is not for you to approve or disapprove my ideas. What I really want is for you to go through the same thought process so you may find out what your dreams are, and what they actually represent.

As you can see, even though I am far away from reaching the materialistic manifestation of my perfect day, I am really not that far at all. If we look at the core values, it's really not that difficult to live my perfect life starting today!

If you would like to share your thoughts, dreams or hopes with me - know that I am here for you. Any comments, questions, and concerns are most welcome.

I want to learn more.

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