Happiness or Truth?

I find it very interesting that knowing the truth can often dampen happiness. It seems that happiness is the price we pay to become knowledgeable. I believe the story of Adam and Even holds that element as well. Doesn't the apple represent worldly pleasures and knowledge - the end of blissful, innocent ignorance?

"Did you cheat on me or not? I want to know the truth!"

"If you are going to cheat, just make sure I never find out!"

These are two different statements that many of you might have heard. They stand for two radically different approaches to truth.

What is more important to you? I don't think that any specific mindset is the right one. I know that I am a follower of truth. I am willing to suffer to know. To some degree, I have to say. Don't we all choose to ignore some unfortunate and immoral facts because we want to keep our mind clean and happy? An excellent example for me is the is the suffering of animals. I know that animals all over the world suffer permanently, but my heart can't stand the pain, so I choose to filter the reality. I won't watch the videos showing the torture and agony in every detail.

Did you know that the brain sometimes wipes the memory of survivors of traumatic events? It is a protection mechanism. The mind hides the truth from us so that we can go about our daily lives. The problem is that our subconscious mind never forgets. Many suffering individuals need to get professional help to work through the pain to find a way back to normality and painlessness.