Define your Perfect Day

Image showing Shankar on Tenerife.
Me in Teide National Park, Tenerife(Spain) | Dec 2016

Let's describe your perfect day. You are stuck in a "Groundhog Day" situation where the same day keeps repeating itself. Despite the craziness, you savor every day since you get to enjoy your perfect life over and over again. Dream big - if that is what you want. Minimalism is acceptable, too. The key is to describe your happy day unapologetically.

Let me go first. Then it's your turn. At the end of this email, I added some questions that will help you write yours. Promise? But remember, this is my version of a perfect day. Yours is very likely much different. That's okay! This is a judgment-free exercise.

I want to learn more.

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Please understand that my perfect day is extreme on purpose. In goal setting, it's important to aim high - maybe even too high. I am choosing to be very honest with you. I may describe a day that goes against your beliefs. But that has to be okay with you. I am telling you to be unapologetically selfish. If that means that you want to be a millionaire who has a weekend friend - so be it!

As I slowly open my eyes, I see the eagle on my nightstand. She must have forgotten her earring when she left early at dawn. What a night! I love it! She can pick up her jewelry when she visits me next weekend.

I can't wait to tackle my many daily tasks. Working never gets old to me. I know how many people I inspire every day, and I wouldn't want to miss that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I am so grateful to be able to combine helping people while making a seven-figure income. Honestly, I donate most of my money to animal shelters and orphanages. The rest goes towards paying for my mom's expenses. I am so grateful for everything she has given me, and I am proud I can grant her any wish in return.

As my Italian espresso machine hums away, I gaze into the Texan Hill Country. Coffee is my only vice. I have never touched a cigarette and rarely drink alcohol - at most a glass of cabernet with an excellent vegan meal. During the week I live in San Antonio, but on weekends I like to relax at my ranch. I need a ranch because I provide a home for rescued animals which nobody else wants. The drive to San Antonio isn't bad. Actually, it's a lot of fun steering Tesla's Model X through the natural beauty of Texas.

But now it's time for some reading. As I listen to the sound of the river flowing through my property, my eyes scan pages full of wisdom. Reading always gives me ideas for my books and articles. Leaving a legacy of hope and knowledge matters to me.
I am fully aware that my muscles are as crucial as my brain. Bodybuilding has been a part of my health journey for more than half of my life now. My state-of-the-art home gym makes it easy to be consistent and always push my limits in a self-loving way. As long as I keep seeing that six-pack!

As so often, Jacoby my dog interrupts me by gently pushing my hand away from the book. He thinks it's time for his morning walk. I am so lucky I have him. I enjoy his company. I enjoy solitude for most of the week, but his presence is always welcome. This afternoon, after my yoga practice, I will head to the botanical garden. I take full advantage of my unlimited visits, a privilege reserved for members. The beautiful flora and fauna always help me prepare my speeches in my mind. I have several speaking engagements per month. People like to listen to my journey which brought me from being a young kid full of dreams living in Luxembourg to a Ph.D. holder living his Texan dream.

My day ends with a fantastic sauna session. In the past, I used the sauna at the gym, but I have one at home now. My fellow Texans think I am crazy. What do I need a sauna for when it's already scorching hot anyways? I guess it's a relic from my life in Europe :-)

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I want to learn more.

​If you didn't see my email, be sure to check your spam or promotions box.

A few questions to help you write your own version:

- How healthy are you? (mentally and physically)
- How fit are you? What does your body look like?
- What gender do you have?
- How is your sex life?
- How much control do you have over your body and what you do with it?
- Do you love yourself? Are there others you love?
- What does your diet look like?
- Do you use any legal or illegal drugs? Do you drink, smoke, etc..
- What belongings do you have? Draft an inventory of things you would like to own. You have the right to be materialistic.
- Who do you share your life with? Who do you see daily? Who not?
- What do you do with your time? Why?
- Where do you live? Why?
- What is your purpose?
- What legacy do you want to leave?
- What would you want your eulogy to contain?