Taking My Business To The Next Level

Shankar Poncelet 2019

After years of being a generalist in web development and online marketing, it is time for me to take my business to the next level.

Specialization is key. The pandemic forces all of us to slow down and take a close look at our businesses. What can we do to strengthen our operations, and to make sure that we survive this challenge?

I think this is an opportunity to prepare for what's next! The pandemic will pass, and the economy will gain traction again. Don't let fear paralyze you! Instead, let this disaster strengthen you!

Good specialization relies on your understanding of your value proposition.

Whom do you serve, and what problem do you solve for them?

Positioning is not something you do, it's something you achieve. Positioning is how the market sees you, remembers you, measures you, and compares you to alternatives. Your position usually includes elements like reputation, specificity, price, and intangibles like brand. In the world of professional services, you achieve a desirable market position by specializing and developing exceptionally valuable expertise, and then (simultaneously or after the fact) becoming well-known among your ideal clients for that expertise.

My company helps business-minded doctors grow their clinics. After analyzing and researching the population they serve, we develop research-based content that breaks complex medical concepts into words their patients understand.

Once we have crafted their voice and message, we help them reach their audience through both online and offline strategies. Well-designed marketing funnels take their prospective patients on a journey from a post on social media to the first appointment.