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With Millionaire Mentor in Bali

December 17, 20231 min read

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in Bali, Indonesia, with a group of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires.

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Bold Visions Rooted in Purpose

What struck me is that they all fiercely protect their time to nurture a bold vision grounded in purpose-driven missions.

What's your purpose-driven mission?

I usually get a poor response when I ask people what their mission is.

By the way, "helping business owners" succeed is not a good answer!

You don't have a good answer because you must dive deep into your emotional blind spots to understand your purpose.

It's all linked to either very happy or somber emotions.

Yes, your purpose is hidden in the emotional extremes of your past - seeking bliss and avoiding pain.

When you analyze successful individuals, you find that their childhood and teenage experiences have shaped their life's purpose and role.

Many felt they had to be the person who made their parents love them or solved their family's problems.

Resolving these past emotional issues drives their entrepreneurial spirit today.

The origin of their vision can often be traced back to intense moments of joy or sadness earlier in life.

They aim to reclaim the bliss and avoid the pain by pursuing their business goals.

Once you get clear on your purpose-driven mission, you must have an outlet to let others know.

You are now ready to impact your audience and receive the responses you've longed for.

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